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Cognitive goals.

Behavioral strategies.

Effective therapy solutions to create a life worth living well.
Meet Karin


The complexities of stress are fascinating; this I learned first-hand as a journalist in my earlier life, experiencing high levels of it every day (and usually not effectively).


Later I returned to school to study stress in an academic context; fMRI data provides the field of psychology with a new understanding of neurological processes that have quite changed how we think of the 'fight or flight' (stress) response. This provides new ways of thinking about and managing thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


As a Registered Psychologist I now work on helping people manage life's bumps, understanding our thoughts and feelings at at a higher level, and decreasing 'in the moment' impulses that usually make things worse.

Life will throw all sorts of stressors our way, and how we accept, forgive, reframe and re-calibrate can increase our quality of life, whatever our circumstances.


We all deserve to live our best life and, with some well-honed skills, this is an achievable goal. 

~ Karin 

Karin Klassen
We all deserve to live our best life and, with some well-honed skills, this is an achievable goal. 


Creating a peaceful, meaningful, productive life worth living...

Integrating empirically-tested therapy approaches can effectively and efficiently pull all the pieces together, helping clients achieve their goals. But one size does not fit all, and sometimes a combination of therapies works best. We will work together to determine the most appropriate and efficient treatment plan for you.

I am trained in several different therapies:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the gold standard for challenging and changing  thinking patterns, and is helpful for diagnoses of depression and anxiety . 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy may be a better fit for anyone experiencing high emotional dysregulation, and is especially effective with diagnoses of with BPD, OCD, PMDD, Anger Management, Addictions, or anyone who would like to just develop better in-the-moment coping and resiliency skills overall. ​

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has been show to be an effective therapy for people suffering with chronic pain. 

(Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming)

EMDR  is a trauma therapy effective at treating deep seated issues, often involving long standing issues buried in our


Trees and Mountains


I counsel one-on-one in all therapies listed above and offer group sessions detailed below.
Please note that due to COVID, I am currently working online via health-care approved  Zoom, Jane-App or Doxy.

Individual 50 minute sessions:



Group Skills

DBT and ACT are also taught online in groups to augment individual sessions, or as stand-alone , because sometimes this is just a more effective, cost efficient way to learn new techniques. ​

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Group Skills

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy helps guide you in coping and resiliency; distress tolerance; and effective communication for emotional dysregulation of all types. This includes instruction in mindfulness for stress reduction, emotional self awareness  and behavioural intervention (before you make things worse).


12-week groups are ongoing. These are held online and have bi-monthly start dates.  Please note that one individual session is required before group to assess for suitability and readiness to participate. 

$900 / 12 weeks / 90 mins

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain (ACT) Group Skills

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps guide you in how to increase psychological flexibility so you can accept things that are not in your control, stay in the present moment and out of past negative experiences, and create and commit to goals that move you forward. Especially effective in the management of chronic pain.

12 week groups start bi-monthly.  Please note that one individual session is required before group to assess for suitability and readiness to participate.

For all groups, materials are included and recordings of missed sessions can be arranged if you can't make the class.

$900 / 12 weeks / 90 mins



We don't have to be whipped around by our emotions, we can control our in-the-moment behaviours, moderate our responses (whether we lash out, or reach for unhealthy instant gratification self-soothe habits), and develop better ways to communicate the intensity of big emotions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Please contact me by email or by text for an intake package.

Please note that I am registered in Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia (and may see people online in all Atlantic provinces).

Registered receipts are available and may be reimbursed depending on your coverage: please check with your insurance provider. 

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