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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief
Jan. 20/2020 for Alberta Talks Pain

It can and has been argued that the way chronic pain management has been treated in recent years is a crime, literally. Post-Purdue propaganda, millions of patients have been left with stigmatizing addictions issues, few alternatives to the opiates they likely have less access to, and overall ineffective pain relief. But while this may seem like a hopeless situation for sufferers, there is a strategy stepping in to try to fill the void: plain old-fashioned psychological therapy, with new, empirically tested, effective methods for pain relief, that are, well, mental.


Happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction - these are values we all deserve, but are sometimes elusive. Integrating empirically-tested therapy approaches can effectively and efficiently pull all the pieces together, helping clients achieve their goals. 

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming), Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, and Clinical Hypnosis (CHyp). I teach groups - DBT to teens, families and anyone with high emotional dysregulation, like BPD, and I also teach an ACT group (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) for chronic pain patients.

Because one size does not fit all. 



Individual 60 minute sessions:

$180 (Altius Centre; sliding scale at this location only)

$200 (Caleo location)

$250 (INLIV location)

Group Sessions 90 minutes:

10 Week DBT Skills at Altius Centre location $499

DBT Groups include manual; self-soothe kit

4 Week ACT chronic pain group at Caleo Health

(free with physician referral)

ACT Groups include manual

 Please contact me with any questions.


CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to change dysfunctional thinking patterns.

DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to identify and manage dysfunctional emotional behaviors.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing to help heal from trauma. 

Clinical Hypnosis: Creating space for change, forgiveness, and mediation to increase peace of mind. 

Guided Autobiography: Narrative therapy by way of assisting you in writing out your past and present so you can take control of your future.



Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps guide you in coping and resiliency; distress tolerance; and effective communication for emotional dysregulation of all types.


10 week groups ongoing. These are held at the Altius Centre in downtown Calgary. Call for next start date.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy help guides you in how to increase psychological flexibility so you can accept things that are not in your control, stay in the present moment and out of past negative experiences, and create and commit to goals that move you forward. Especially effective in the management of chronic pain.

Four  week groups have monthly start date; two times available; these are held at Caleo Health.



Therapy works when the client feels safe and comfortable with their therapist,

and when the therapist has the expertise you need.

Let’s meet for half an hour by phone or in person to see if we’re a fit.

Sessions out of 3 locations depending on service.

Email, text or call me.

Caleo Health
1402, 8th Ave NW
Suite 200
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Altius Centre
500, 4th Ave SW
25th floor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1111 Olyimpic Way SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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